Hello World, I'm Daniel Curtis 👋

I'm a software engineer passionate about developing ideas into 1s and 0s. I continually evolve my skill set through project-based learning while sharing my process here.

Full-stack Development


GroupedUp allows friends to compete and grow with each other online through structured micro-communities.


Full-stack Certification

FreeCodeCamp introduced me to Full-stack development roughly two years ago, and I've been working on their project-based, 1800-hour certification ever since.


Computer Science & Engineering

AC Library

Co-creator of AC Library, which is a C library that recreates the wheel and offers massive time-improvements on some of the most frequently used Computer Science algorithms, including Quicksort and JSON parsing.


B.S. Computer Science & Cybersecurity

Slated to complete my undergraduate degree in both Computer Science and Cybersecurity by August 2020.


Deep Learning AI Specialization

Enrolled in courses created and taught by Stanford's top-professors to *deepen* my knowledge on deep learning through projects and coursework.


About Me & Quicklinks

I grew up around computers and built my cities website when I was 14. Since then, I've worked in construction, went back to school for CS, and interned at Last.fm and OU's Office of Technology.

Over the last year, I started pushing myself out of my coding comfort zone. I try to learn something new every week through a project. My goal with this site is to leave a ladder behind for others who share a similar passion for project-based learning.

Feel free to reach out on any of the listed platforms. I'll be open to new professional opportunities in August 2020.